Friday, June 7, 2013

Review : Thai food fair in Oslo 2013

Thai food fair in Oslo 2013 
(Youngs Torget)

          It was many people at the Thai food fair in Oslo 2013. They had a lot of different food, such as  Spring roll, Papaya salad, Phanang, Fried rice, Sticky rice, Pig roasting, etc. 

          The Thai food fair opened around afternoon, and the weather was nice and very perfect for that day.

          The price for Papaya salad was about 50-65 kroner and the other food costed around 50 -70 kroner.

          There were many Thai people there, and I felt like I was in Thailand at that time and I met many of my Thai friends also. 

          There were also many Norwegians there, and they seemed to have fun and loved the Thai food as well.


I believe the Thai food fair 2013 was a big success.

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